4 Most Common Problems in Interracial Marriages That Couple May Encounter

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The world has shrunk because of technology; one of the results of this change is the ease of communicating and meeting people from different countries.

In some cases, people connect with and fall in love with someone from another culture. Marriage with a person from a different culture has benefits, but also comes with its own unique problems.

Experts cite the following common problems that interracial couples might encounter.

Family Relationships

Family Relationships - Common Problems in Interracial Marriages

In Western countries, children often leave the family home at 18 and once they reach adulthood, they visit their parents a few times a year.

In many countries in Asia, parents and even the extended family play an important role in a person’s life.

In an intercultural marriage, the spouse may have a difficult time adapting to the relationship of the extended family and the parents.

They may feel like their new relatives are intruding in their marriage or in the way they raise the children.

However, this close familial relationship has benefits such as a strong support group and strong bonds one may not have with just friends.


Religion - Common Problems in Interracial Marriages

An intercultural marriage may consist of a Christian and an atheist or Muslim or Jew or Hindu. The religion of either spouse has formed their philosophy, way of life and social values.

This may not play during the early stages of the relationship because both are madly in love with each other and are willing to overlook flaws.

However, once marriage comes into the picture, these differences can lead to conflicts.

One of the ways where this can manifest is through the diet. Muslims don’t eat pork and some don’t even want to handle it.

Women have to wear a hijab and pray a handful of times a day. Other religions have their own practices they will want to continue doing after the marriage.

Religion may also apply to political views, education, and others.

Intercultural couples that last know their boundaries and have non-negotiables they established before tying the knot. They know or at least have an idea of what they got themselves into.

Raising the Children

Raising the Children - Common Problems in Interracial Marriages

The different familial relationships, culture, and religion of an intercultural marriage will manifest in the parenting of the children.

If one parent is religious and the other is not, they will have a difficult time deciding on how to raise their child.

Would he or she go to church or a temple? Would she wear a hijab or wear whatever she wants? Would you read the bible to your child or not? These are questions that will need an answer, once an intercultural couple has children.

Finding a middle ground is important because, at the end of the day, both parents only want the best for their child.

The Personality of the Spouse

Personality of the Spouse - Common Problems in Interracial Marriages

The personality of your spouse has been formed because of their cultural upbringing. This may directly contradict or even collide with yours.

Unexpected arguments may arise and they might reveal their prejudices and attitudes about certain topics.

In such cases, be open-minded and learn to stay quiet when necessary. In some cases, the relationship is more important than winning an argument.

Intercultural marriages can work, but it will need time, compromise and open-mindedness in various aspects of your married life. It can also be a rewarding experience if you make it so.