5 Wedding Stories That Are Beyond Scary And Horrifying! Don’t Read When You Are Alone!

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Weddings are ought to be celebrated with much vigor and happiness.

But for some, these events has changed their whole lives.

To testify these happenings, here are 5 wedding ghost stories that will give you sleepless nights.

The Creepy Wedding Dress

Wedding dress is such an important thing in a wedding. This should be worn beautifully by the bride itself.

But that’s not true to all especially to Anna Baker, daughter of a rich man in Blair County. Her father gave her everything that money could buy but Anna isn’t satisfied with it.

She wants to marry her one true love. But her father wouldn’t allow it because the man she is in love with is poor.

Anna told her father that she won’t marry another man so she died single. She was not able to wear her extravagant wedding dress.

After a few years of Anna’s death, the wedding dress was kept in a museum. It is said that the dress sways creepily as if someone is wearing it. It is believed that Anna’s soul is still attached to it.

Anna Baker Wedding Dress

Chinese Ghost Weddings

In China, ghost weddings are widely practiced despite the fact that the government made it illegal ever since 1960s.

But there are still families who follow this tradition believing that when a man die without getting married, his soul will hunt and follow his living relatives which will cause disturbance and bad luck.

Because of that, the relatives should find a bride for the unmarried dead man. But take note, it’s not just an ordinary bride but also a dead unmarried bride.

Because of the said tradition, many grave robbers were put to jail but the custom remained but was moved to the black market. You can buy a dead single woman corpse for $7,000 each.

Chinese Ghost Wedding Dress

The Missing Bride

A perfect wedding was the dream of this 26 years old woman named Alex. She eventually had that great wedding. But something disastrous happened.

The couple had their wedding in a backyard just near their farmhouse. During the reception, they decided to play hide and seek so the kids can also enjoy the party. Everyone is determined to win the game, especially the bride.

No one noticed that the bride entered the old farmhouse. Everyone was already out except for the bride. Without knowing anything, her husband just told the guests that maybe his bride went home already, so the party was ended. But when the groom reached home, he wasn’t able to see his bride. A report for a missing person was established but they really can’t see her.

After few years, when the missing brides’ father went to the farmhouse, he found an old chest. He was shocked by what he saw; her daughters’ decaying corpse was in there. As the bride entered the old chest to hide herself, the chest was closed involuntarily and she was trapped there.

Missing Bride

The Bride That Was Buried Alive

There are a lot of cases of humans being buried alive. But this one is pretty awful. A chief gravedigger in a cemetery noticed something in a grave.

It was like it there was newly dug so he decided to gather his men and dug the grave. They were shocked to see a woman wearing a wedding dress and all the other wedding garments. That doesn’t end with that; the dead woman featured a signs of struggle. It is said that the woman was buried alive.

Another hair rising event witnessed by few people who went to the cemetery is a sight of a woman wearing a wedding dress. She was following anyone who passes by crying to take her with them. The chief gravedigger was not convinced of the story until he saw it himself.

As he was strolling in the cemetery, he heard a woman saying “Take me with you, I don’t deserve to die.” When he turned his head to the direction of the voice, he saw a woman, sitting in her freshly dug grave, with decayed face, and her fingers were all twisting in her hair. Then she spoke again, “Take me back with you.” The chief gravedigger runs as fast as he could and were not able to return to his work again.

Ghost Bride

A Happy Wedding That Became A Nightmare

Amit and Rina were getting married in a big mansion. They hired it just for their perfect wedding. At the night of their wedding, everyone was woken up by the screams of Rina’s father.

It’s as if his father was fighting into something no one can see. The room of Rina’s father were all dark and the door could not be opened even with the help of 10 people.

They were really scared with what is happening to Rina’s father so they broke the window and inserted a flashlight just to see what’s happening. But nothing is there and after the light went through the window, the screaming of her father went down.

Rina’s father confessed that he saw a man with great red eyes trying to reach his neck. He was so strong and was also screaming to him to get off the room.

The guard then said a gruesome story. He said that no guest is allowed to enter the room because someone committed suicide there and was hunting whoever enters the room.

Old Mansion