5 Sweetest Filipino Celebrity Wedding Proposals That You Might Want To Know About

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To get a perfectly romantic proposal from their love is the dream of every woman in this world.

It’s a nice feeling to be asked the question “Will you marry me?” by someone you wanted to spend the rest of your life with.

Therefore, wedding proposals should be planned thoroughly so your girl will never hesitate to say the words you’ve been waiting for, “YES!”

Here are some of the most talked about Filipino wedding proposals that you should check out.

Neri Naig – Chito Miranda Wedding Proposal

Neri Naig and Chito Miranda were together for some time when a sex video scandal went viral online.

Many people criticize them while some others sent their compassion to them. Some think that they will just break up because of the said video.

But they were all wrong. Months after the release of the video scandal, another shocking event happened.

But this time, it’s a wedding proposal, a grand wedding proposal to be exact.

Chito brought Neri into a fake music video shoot.

But Neri was so surprised when Chito Miranda came and asked her to marry with tears in his eyes.

The answer was certainly “YES!” In an interview, Miranda stated that he planned the proposal thoroughly months before the event.

Bianca Gonzalez – JC Intal Wedding Proposal

JC Intal and Bianca Gonzalez were together for 3 long years. JC proposed to Bianca in the airport, before her trip to London.

Bianca was called by the Public Address System and the biggest surprise sign came in, “Will you say yes?” The message was inscribed in the immigration board.

Their family and friends were there and served as the witness for this event.

But it doesn’t end with that, the post engagement notes were extra sweet you’ll get envy with them.

Marian Rivera – Dingdong Dantes Wedding Proposal

I can’t find the right words to explain this wedding proposal. Everything was so romantic and you can really see it in their eyes that they were so in love with each other.

This happened in Marians’ show. Dingdong was a guest there but what happened next was really unexpected.

In front of all the audience and the people close to their hearts, Dingdong kneeled down and asked for Marians’ hands.

It all ended with a kiss and their last dance as boyfriend/girlfriend.

Heart Evangelista – Chiz Escudero Marriage Proposal

The first time they announced their relationship, Evangelista’s parents publicly stated that they are against their relationship. But it didn’t hindered their love.

They continued to date until recently, Sen. Chiz Escudero proposed to his girlfriend. 

The proposal happened in the house of Escudero in Sorsogon, the senators’ province.

Their close friends were also present and they were serenade by Nyoy Volante.

Escudero got to his knees and proposed to Evangelista.

Isabel Oli – John Prats Marriage Proposal

Just recently, another couple got engaged. John Prats and Isabel Oli were together for quite a long time.

His proposal was rather unique because Prats organized a flash mob just to propose to her.

Witnesses of this meaningful event also includes their close friends in the showbiz industry.

Photos and videos of the couple were played and fireworks are set off to complete it all.

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