Oblation Run Is Always An Exciting Event. But This Year Is The Most Remarkable One!

By  | 8 years ago

In the Philippines, oblation run is held every year for the member of Alphi Phi Omega (APO) throughout the whole campuses of the University of the Philippines (UP).

In this event all the runners tend to run naked throughout the public areas.

They only wear mask as they are completely naked. They would give a rose to anyone they like during the oblation run.

Love always finds a way! Do you believe in that? After reading this story, you would really believe in it.

During the annual oblation run held in the University of the Philippines, Angeles City, Pampanga campus, one of the oblation runner proposed to her long-time girlfriend in the public.

Everyone was shocked when the runner took of his mask and kneeled down and offered a ring to her girlfriend.

Patrick Laxamana belongs to the Epsilon Psi chapter of the Alpha Phi Omega and he is a third time runner in the oblation run, graduated from Holy Angel University.

He decided to propose to her girlfriend in that day because he thinks that it would totally bee special and unique.

Krizzy Martinez, is the girlfriend of Laxamana for 5 years, was totally shocked about what his boyfriend did.

The couple, both 26 years old, already has a stable job.

OBlation Run Wedding Proposal

An Oblation runner proposed to his girlfriend. Photo courtesy of Trisha Mostoles, ABS-CBN News Pampanga

So that was really a unique proposal.

Who would think that despite being naked and seen by a huge crowd, a man could muster up his courage and propose to her girlfriend.

That just shows how special this girl is for him and he wanted to let the whole world know how lucky she is to have this girl whom she could spend his entire life with.

After this special proposal, what would you expect to be the answer? Of course, a big “YES!” They were getting married but the date is not yet set.

But one thing’s sure, they love each other so much. Now, a lot of people knew it, not just thee both of them!