The Story Of The Lost Wedding Gown

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You will encounter a lot of misfortunes or disasters before or during your dream wedding, that is a fact and a lot can testify to it. But what if your wedding gown was lost or stolen? That is not just a simple disaster but a really terrifying one. Imagine losing the dress you longed to wear for so long! There are even cultural beliefs that you shouldn’t try to fit the dress before your wedding because bad luck might come your way. They say that your groom might encounter an accident or your wedding will get cancelled under certain circumstances. So losing your wedding gown on your wedding day is like losing the chance to look beautiful on the most special day of your life.

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Losing a wedding gown on the same day as her wedding is what happened to Amanda (she refused to tell her last name for privacy reasons.) All the hard work she’s been through preparing for her wedding dress and for her wedding were all wasted. A thief broke her room where her dress was placed. Amanda instantly called the police hotline number to ask for assistance regarding her lost wedding dress. But a dispatcher named Candice happened to receive the call and felt really pity for the bride. Candice was also married just 18 months before Amanda that’s why she also felt the pain. Candice thought of helping Amanda because she still have her wedding dress from her wedding months ago, but was hesitating. But then, she mustered up all her courage and told Amanda about her wedding gown. Amanda felt so grateful hearing about it. Amanda got away to Candice’s house and fit the wedding dress. It’s as if the wedding gown was made for her! It fitted her well and her wedding was saved. The wedding went well and Amanda felt really grateful to Candice. The police officer didn’t just catch the thief but also committed a really great act through allowing Amanda borrow her personal stuff.

The story of Amanda and Candice inspired a lot of people and because of that, their story were featured online as one of the most inspiring wedding stories of 2013. There might be a bad happening the same day of Amanda’s wedding but it will surely leave a great memory that they could tell to their children and grandchildren. It is not about the lost of the wedding gown, it all about how they surpass the obstacle that will surely crash Amanda’s wedding.

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There might be a lot of unexpected things to happen on or before your wedding day. But one thing is certainly true; you shouldn’t allow those things to ruin your special day. You will have to find alternatives to surpass all of it, of course, with the help of your groom, your family and friends. Spend that special day with great vigor and happiness because it’s a once in a lifetime event with the person you truly love. Nonetheless, there isn’t any obstacle too hard to pass if you just help one another and trust to the one great God!