This Best Man’s Speech Will Surely Make You Cry! Truly Heartwarming!

By  | 7 years ago

Daniel Buccheri, a Melbourne based musician, probably gave one of the best “best man’s speech” ever.

He sang his own speech in the medley of pop songs that really catches the couple’s attention.

Daniel is the brother of the groom. As expected his speech or song is full of childhood memories and jokes.

But as the song almost come to an end, it becomes so emotional that made the bride and his brother cry.

Buccheri told Mashable.Com that his wedding speech is a surprise for his brother.

He said that he wanted to do something different and he indeed delivers it with great passion.

“I really didn’t want to write a conventional speech, so I thought I would do what I do best as a muso and write a song,” he said.

The song had the desired effect, with Buccheri saying afterwards there weren’t many words exchanged as the brothers and his new sister embraced each other.

“They were pretty shocked and emotional, and really appreciative of all the work I put in,” he said. “They loved it.”

The video right now is going viral and for sure it will hit the mainstream media as soon as it gains more than hundreds of thousands of shares and likes.