This Story Proves That True Love Conquers All, In Sickness And IN Health

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Every couple is unique and has their own hardships from being together.

But throughout all the ups and downs, staying together is simply the sweetest thing to do.

It’s always touching to see newly-wed having their first dance as a couple, but the story of Johnson’s wedding is just priceless and tear-jerking.

Sgt Joey Johnson and Michelle Johnson Church Wedding

Sgt. Joey Johnson and Michelle Johnson does not only share the same last name but they also have the same birthday. They met during a concert last 2012.

Surprisingly, they got well together and became a couple since then. Joey has a PTSD and used motorcycling to relieve his stress.

But unluckily, he had an accident which changed his life, totally! He was left paralyzed because of the accident starting from his chest down.

Sgt Joey Johnson and Michelle Johnson Wedding

Joey undergone a lot of changes in his life, but, she still chose to propose to his girlfriend Michelle last April 2013.

Michelle thought that Joey is still the person she knew even after his accident and accepted the proposal.

They are set to get married in June 2014. The surprising thing happened during the wedding.

Joey stood up for their first dance and Michelle was very surprised.

Joey and his friends designed a harness that could allow him to stand up and dance with his wife for the first and last time.

Michelle didn’t have any idea about the surprise and confessed that Joey isn’t good in keeping secrets that’s why it’s a total shock for her and the guests.

But no doubt, she was very happy and said that her dream of dancing with him came true.

Sgt Joey Johnson and Michelle Johnson Wedding Celebration

During the dance, everyone was teary-eyed and Michelle said that it’s really incredible to make and eye-to-eye contact with him again after a long while.

The story of this couple is just a living proof that true love conquers all, through sickness and in health.