Viral: How Adam Levine Crashed Various Weddings Is Just AWESOME!

By  | 7 years ago

What’s viral now? It’s how Adam Levine crashed weddings! But if you’ll see the video, you’ll get to realize that it’s not entirely that the wedding was crashed.

It’s actually a great surprise not everyone can actually have. Imagine seeing their live performance in your wedding? That would totally be awesome.

You certainly need to see how each bride reacted about the performance that only their groom knew about.

These seems to just be an ordinary weddings until Maroon 5 made their live performance and the atmosphere went wild. This video is worth watching for and you should see it yourself how they managed to successfully have their performance without everyone else knowing, well except for the groom also.

This is the newest music video of Maroon 5 which was done in Los Angeles.

All of these became possible through the help of David Dobkin, director of “Wedding Crashers”.

It’s really a great idea of having this kind of music video for their song “Sugar” because this has become viral online and a talked-about in the music industry.

Weddings should always be awesome and memorable.

But these weddings where Adam Levine performed is just full-packed with both awesome and cool memories that the couple and guest can never forget throughout their life. It’s also worth sharing to their siblings later on.

This great experience is once in a lifetime opportunity and thanks to Maroon 5 and the groom also, everything became possible.

The wedding ceremony was successful as well as the music video and everyone seems to enjoy it.

So you certainly need to see this video now! This has been circulated pretty well online and you might have been curious about it.

So now, grab everyone in your place and see why this video became viral. Well, I guess you should see it yourself!