How You Can Make The Perfect Mixed Culture Wedding?

By  | 2 months ago

The world is shrinking because of technology; these changes bring a cultural shift such as mixed culture marriages.

Intercultural love is a good thing; because two different cultures and family backgrounds come together.

However, it’s not always going to be smooth sailing because of the same cultural differences that brought a couple together.

Before you get to marriage, you have to plan the nitty-gritty details of one.

The planning stages can be daunting because you have to consider many things from both cultures. Experts cite the following ways that make a perfect mixed culture wedding.

Get Creative with the Food Served

Make The Perfect Mixed Culture Wedding

One of the good things about a mixed marriage is the food! You can get the best of both east and west when you serve food during the reception; sample a bit of both from the entrée to the main course to the dessert.

Take your guests on a culinary adventure as they get a glimpse of your relationship and the vows you make.

Eating food from different cultures will be a memorable experience for both you and your guests.

Design the Invitation with both Cultures in Mind

Make The Perfect Mixed Culture Wedding

The invitation is the first thing guests will see. Make it a piece of art that provides a glimpse of both cultures.

Mix and match the colors and the imagery that tells the story of how both of you met. Integrate the best of both worlds to convey the message you want and make invitees excited about your upcoming big day.

Use Your Native Tongue for the Vows

One way to make your recitation of vows unforgettable is to say it in your native language.

There’s nothing more romantic (or cheesy) than telling your spouse to be you will love them until you die in Chinese, Arabic, Hindi, French or any native language.

Your guests will appreciate this personal touch. If doing so proves too difficult, use it only for a couple of sentences for effect.

Musical Representation

Make The Perfect Mixed Culture Wedding

Music has the power to unite people from different backgrounds, this might even be the reason you got together in the first place.

Showcase the musical influences of both yours and your spouse’s culture. Have two bands playing (if you can afford it) or just ask the DJ to mix the songs up throughout the ceremony or during the reception.

Know the Taboos

Before showcasing you and your spouse’s culture during your wedding, identify the taboos. You don’t want to offend or commit a social faux pas.

Something that’s acceptable in one culture may be reprehensible in one.

Be sensitive to these nuances and avoid them when planning the wedding, choosing the décor, selecting the menu and other little details.

Rock the Clothes

Make The Perfect Mixed Culture Wedding

One of the best parts of a different culture is clothes. Showcase these during the wedding.

On either the husband or the wife side asks guests to wear traditional clothes from the culture they represent. This adds personality and character to the event.

Either spouse can change outfits that display the best of the cultures they represent.

These are some of the ways to create an ideal mixed culture wedding. Implement these in your plans to create memorable memories during your big day.