Don’t Plan Your Wedding Without Reading These Ideas! #4 Is A Must!

By  | 8 years ago

A wedding is a once in a lifetime event with your one true love. Therefore, making the event a success is certainly a must. But for certain reasons, some weddings tend to be a bit boring and sloppy which just leads to guests falling asleep. With that, you need to apply these 5 ideas of making a wedding awesome.

Make A Remarkable Save The Date Theme

Save The Date

Save the date themes is the first step in preparing for wedding. Though it is just a single step, you should take it for granted. If you want your guests to save the date and attend your wedding, you ought to do it properly. Doing this properly means that you need to make a theme which will lead your guests to remember this precious day. You can customize the and make a movie-like theme, just in case you want to save paper, you can write it on your face, or you can just make it simple but memorable.

Interact With Your Guests

Wedding Guests

Your guests are special people of your lives, therefore, you need to interact with them. You need to know if they will come or not and how many people will attend. This will give you an estimated amount of guests for your reference. You also need to state what will happen in the party and foolishly tell them to act properly. Give your guests a chance to have fun and enjoy your wedding. Give customized giveaways or a personalized one for them. Lastly, don’t be afraid to allow your guests to wear fun stuffs while wearing their formal clothing.

The Ring Should Be Awesome

Wedding Ring Gold

Yes, of course! You need to make your ring extra awesome or your partner will just leave it in the corner. You need to customize it properly so your partner will never ever remove it even during hard and lonely times. You might see your ring to be a small and easy to take off stuff, but it certainly plays a great role in your married life. Make sure that if they take off the ring, they will want to put it back because of the personalized dedication you made.

Awesome Photo Means Awesome Wedding

Wedding Photo

Another little thing that shouldn’t be taken for granted, pictures. It is your special day so you should also make your photos extra special because it will take down the memories for a long time. In the future, when you are having a tough time with your marriage, you can always go back through looking at your photos. So therefore, photos should be awesome and wonderfully made.

Cake Toppers, Decorations, Giveaways, Drinks Should All Be Awesome

Funny Wedding Cake Topper

Cake toppers, decorations, giveaways and drinks should all be awesome. Make some funny cake toppers or you can customize it with your faces, the decorations should also aim to entertain your guests, the giveaways should bear a mark of your precious day and of course, a jug of Jack Daniels should also be present. This will officially complete your awesome wedding!