World’s 10 Craziest Wedding Dresses That You Wish Were Not Real, #8 Is Quite Disgusting!

By  | 7 years ago

Wedding gowns and dresses are one of the highlights of any wedding ceremony.

Although the union of the two lovers is far more important than any other dress or accessories, wearing a unique and one of its kind dresses are becoming a norm nowadays.

Over the centuries, wedding dresses or at least the tradition about it has changed. 

From the traditional all white wedding dress, we are already starting to see colored and sometimes, black inspired wedding gowns.

There are some people who go far from the changing the colors of wedding dress into creating a brand new style.

Below are few of the many wedding dress that we find really bizarre and odd.

10 Of the World’s Bizarre & Crazy Wedding Dresses That You Probably Don’t Want to See!

Tampon Inspired Wedding Dress – Odd enough?

Tampon Inspired Wedding Dress

Octopus Inspired Wedding Gown – Those tentacles looks lovely!

Octopus Inspired Wedding Gown

I-Have-No-Idea-So-Please-Caption-This Wedding Dress

I Have No Idea Wedding Dress

Balloon Inspired Wedding Dress – Kids will surely love this one!

Balloon Dress

Plastic Bottle Cap Inspired Wedding Dress – mother Nature will surely love this one!

Plastic Bottle Cap

Styrofoam Inspired Bridal Dress – another great gown to help mother Earth!

Styrofoam Wedding Gown

Wedding Cake Infused Wedding Gown – A wedding gown ready to be served!

Wedding Cake Wedding Gown

Condom Wedding Dress – Ready for the honeymoon action, I guess?

Condom Wedding Dress

Pregnancy Centered Wedding Gown – This will let the people know that the bride is pregnant!

Pregnant Women Wedding Dress

Minimalist Inspired Wedding Gown – I guess these kinds of dresses come with a very cheap price tag!

Sexy Wedding Gown

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